Out of necessity to make a living, Opart & Mookda risked everything they had, and ventured into the restaurant industry to live the American dream. They would begin that dream known as –  Opart Thai House, in Lincoln Square.

This is where Mookda created and cultivated her famous flavors for over 30 years. These are the flavors and passion we’ve known since our childhood and since then recognize Opart as the original pioneers of Thai food in Chicago.

It’s where eating out always felt like home, with Mookda creating innovative culinary delicacies and Opart, whose charismatic energy brightened your day and who welcomed you wholeheartedly as you walked in with your libations for the evening. You felt joy watching the growth and evolution of this captivating husband and wife team and it made you feel as though you were part of that experience. Moodka and Opart were determined to gift anyone who walked through their door with exquisite food and a welcoming space filled with love and generosity, all while growing a small family.
Mookda and Opart proudly shared Thai food with their community and received numerous awards for their creation, dedication and hard work.
While this serves as only a glimpse of the whole story, there are countless lessons that have been instilled in us as the next generations of Opart. It is our duty to carry on the legacy where the original flavors, authenticity, tradition, passion, and connections made with countless Chicago communities come together forging the future of Opart Thai House.

Original Since 1983


Authenticity, Traditional Cooking,
Original Opart Thai House Flavors.